It's Ganesha's Birthday!

  • The Story of Prahalad and Holi - the Star Wars Version!

    When we think of Holi, we think of color, fun, and Spring! There are several different Hindu stories about where Holi comes from. Like many storie...
  • Brave Princess Outwits the God of Death for Love!

    One of our personal favorites is the story of Savithri and Satyavant - the brilliant, determined princess who knew her own mind, chose her own part...
  • Love is in the Air!

    As we count down to Valentine's Day, we'll feature our favorite love stories from ancient India - that wouldn't be out of place in our world today.

    Let's start with the story of Shakuntala and learn that sometimes love needs forgiveness to last.

  • Mini Goes to the Bazaar

    Discover the magic of Holi through Mini's eyes when she goes to the bazaar with her father to get Holi colors.
  • Sathyabama's Victory - A Diwali Story

    By Mrudula Govindaraju and Blythe Robbins A Pronunciation Guide and Glossary can be found at the end of the post.    Many eons ago there l...
  • Goddess - The Demon Slayer

    What happens when the strongest demon is so powerful that no man, god, or beast can defeat him? The Goddess takes up the challenge.  Read on to see who wins this epic battle of good versus evil!
  • It's Ganesha's Birthday!

    It's Ganesha's birthday! Who are his parents? How did he get an elephant head? What are his superpowers?  Read on to learn about how the wise, kind, dessert-and music loving god was born.