Brave Princess Outwits the God of Death for Love!

One of our personal favorites is the story of Savithri and Satyavant - the brilliant, determined princess who knew her own mind, chose her own partner for his kindness and large heart, and had the confidence to defy death for her love.

Long ago, there lived an incredibly clever and beautiful princess named Savithri. 

Everyone soon got to know about her beauty (but not her cleverness...hmm....sounds familiar even in 2022).  Kings and princes wanted to marry her and begged her father for her hand.  Savithri refused - she wanted to go out in the world and choose the man to marry.

The king sent his fiercest warriors to protect her during her journey.  One day, as she traveled through a thick forest, she came across an elderly, blind king who lived in a hut with his wife and son. They had lost their kingdom and decided to spend their life in the peaceful forest.  Their son, Satyavant, was a kind, considerate young man who took care of his parents and earned a living selling the wood he chopped. Savithri fell in love with his heart (his handsomeness was of course a nice bonus!) - she decided to marry Satyavant.

    Savithri's father wasn't happy that he          was poor but Savithri did not       back down.  Even worse, a priest saw the    future and told the king that the young     couple was going to live very happily     together...BUT only for ONE YEAR!  After   one year, Satyavant would die in an     accident.  Savithri's father was so sad     and begged Savithri to marry anyone else    but she refused.  She said one year of     happiness with the love of her life was worth a lifetime.

Savithri and Satyavant's lived in the forest hut - their first year was filled with happiness. On the last day of the year, Savithri wanted to go with Satyvant into the forest where he chopped wood.

While they were relaxing under a tree, Yama, the God of Death, appeared.  He spoke kindly to Savithri, "I'm here to take your husband" - as he spoke, Satyavant's soul left his body.  Savithri ran after Yama and begged him to take her also.  Yama told her gently, "my dear girl, it's not your time yet.  Live your life and when it's your time, I will come for you."  She cried, "I have no life without Satyavant!"  Moved by her pleas, Yama said, "Alright, I will grant you one wish except for Satyavant's life."   Savithri said, "Fine, grant me wonderful children!" Yama said, "Done." 

Now, Savithri being intelligent and clever said to Yama, "How can you grant me my wish of having children without Satyavant?"  Yama realized he was stuck and marveled at her intelligence.  He gave her back Satyvant.  They went back to their hut and lived their life to the fullest.  

Love needs confidence, bravery, and belief in yourself.