The Story of Prahalad and Holi - the Star Wars Version!

When we think of Holi, we think of color, fun, and Spring! There are several different Hindu stories about where Holi comes from. Like many stories from ancient religions, some of these Holi stories can be pretty bloodthirsty (as bad as Anakin Skywalker burning to a crisp in Mustafar)! But the Holi stories teach important lessons, just like in Star Wars (do you see a theme here?)
One of our favorite stories is about a young prince, Prahalad, and his mean aunt Holika (where the word "Holi" comes from). Prahalad's father was the tyrant king, Hiranyakashipu, who wanted everyone to worship him as a god, instead of the gods. However, little Prahalad was kind boy who instead prayed to the god Vishnu. Why Vishnu? He was a kind, fair god and only fought bullies when they didn't listen to reason. While the god Vishnu cared for all humanity, he was especially happy with little Prahalad's good heart, despite having a
tyrant for a father.
Now, Hiranyakashipu found out his little boy thought Vishnu was the real god and not him! And, instead of being a good dad and trying to understand Prahalad, Hiranyakashipu became jealous and wanted to destroy him - his own son! Prahalad's aunt and Hiranyakashipu's sister, Holika, was no better. She offered to help him. These two were worse than the Sith!
Holika had a magic robe that protected her from fire. She told Prahalad that she knew a fun magic trick - she would build a fire, and they both would walk into the fire without getting hurt. Prahalad didn't know that Holika had a magic robe-  she would be saved but he wouldn't! So he happily walked into the fire with Holika - he didn't expect his Aunt Holika to harm him.
However, he immediately realized it wasn't a trick but terribly real - and he started praying to Vishnu for help. Though Prahalad was little, his belief was strong. And, guess what? Vishnu saved him but destroyed Holika in the fire. Vishnu later destroyed Hiranyakashipu because he was hurting people - he was the ultimate bully. When Prahalad grew up, he became king and served his kingdom wisely. Today, in many parts of India, people celebrate Holi by lighting bonfires as a symbol of good triumphing over evil.
What can we learn from this extraordinary story? Choosing goodness - whether in your heart or through your actions - will save you from a path of destruction. Now back to Star Wars: just like Prahalad, Luke Skywalker chose being good. He resisted his father, Darth Vader's, attempts to turn him to the Dark Side. Luke's faith in the good side of the force helped him live and bring balance back to the Galaxy, just as Prahalad did for his kingdom.