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New Year, New Beginnings

Chandana Rao

Like most people, we spent the New Year thinking about where we've been, where we are, and what we'd like to do.  Looking back at the crazy years of the COVID-19 pandemic, we're so grateful that our family was healthy and safe.  However, it became clear that the world had changed.  In 2022, as the world started to open up, we at Tulsie spent a lot of our time traveling and seeing family and friends in person.  It drove home the importance of community and human connection.

We started thinking where we wanted to take Tulsie this new year.  We loved doing the Festival Boxes (and so did you!)  But we felt there was a need to help our children better understand and navigate the post-COVID world.  What better way to think about the world than thru ancient Hindu teachings that have been around for thousands of years?  But, being Tulsie, we wanted to interpret these ancient teachings for our modern, diverse community of friends and family.

We wanted to take the ancient Hindu way of life to work for YOUR way of life. 

This year, we're launching a number of different publications to get our little ones to think about their world: from exciting short stories that showcase the superpowers of Hindu gods and goddesses, life lessons learned from clever monkeys, wily foxes, and wise elephants, to fun Festival Activity books.

STAY TUNED.  IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN....Kids of different nationalities jumping up excitedly

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