Summer Break's Here!

Summer Break's Here!

Chandana Rao

Kicking off summer break is Father's Day!  Hinduism teaches us to express gratitude for fathers who provide their children with love, guidance, and wisdom.  Ancient Indian stories from the two greatest Hindu epics, the Mahabharata and Ramayana, celebrate the bonds between fathers and their children.  Even more, Hindu stories celebrate great fathers who are not just limited to biological fathers but include all father figures, such as grandfathers, uncles, adoptive/foster fathers, and stepfathers who have guided and nurtured children.

One of Hinduism's most celebrated stories is the love and care that the god Krishna received as the adopted child of Nanda and Yashoda.  Nanda found him as a baby and raised him with all the love and care he would show for his own biological child.  Talk about an amazing role model!


This summer break we'll be exploring stories that interconnects ancient Hindu stories with nature.  After all, isn't summer all about being outside, whether on the beach, in the playground, traveling to new places, or camping in the woods?  

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