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During Navrathri, we celebrate the power of the goddess for nine days  - each day is a different form of the goddess, showing her various strengths (superpowers!). 
On the 10th day, called Dusshera, people choose to celebrate Durga, the mighty warrior goddess.  Or, they might cheer the the defeat of the evil king Ravana, by the god Rama and his army of brave monkeys and bears!  Many dance for nine nights with colorful dandiya sticks; others make puppets and dolls to ring in the fun!

In this Festival Box:

*Our signature 3D puppets to make your very own gorgeous Durga puppet, with multiple hands holding weapons and riding a lion - the fiercest goddess ever to take on bad guys.  She would look perfect in your own gollu toy display!

*Colorful dandiya sticks to dance and keep the beat during dandiya raas dancing for Navrathri. 

*Store your dandiya sticks safely in a beautiful and durable canvas sleeve  - ready for many more dandiya raas dancing sessions.

*Our signature 3D Ravana puppet to make your very own mighty King Ravana of Lanka - with his powerful ten heads, sword and shield, he's ready for his epic battle with the good king Rama.  

* Child-safe LED diya lamps with a golden votive holder.

*White crown with colorful ties - bring out your inner goddesses and the kings.

*Navrathri/Dusshera Minibook -  an easy to read culture guide gorgeously illustrated by renowned artist M Rohini, filled with fun festival facts, ancient legends, and engaging activities connecting the festivals.

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    • Navrathri/Dusshera Festival Box
      Navrathri/Dusshera Festival Box products include Durga and Raavan 3D puppets, dandiya sticks, Drishti Bommai mask, Crown, votive and votive holder, and Minibook.
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