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AAPI Heritage Month!

Chandana Rao

May is AAPI celebration month!  We wanted to celebrate Sanjay Patel, the founder of Ghee Happy, an amazing Pixar animator and the author of trailblazing book, The Little Book of Hindu Deities.  This book inspired us to start Tulsie!  We were blown away by the cuteness - both of the Hindu gods and goddesses and the adorable writeups.  Honestly, it's the first book we read to our kiddo to introduce the ancient Indian gods and goddesses. 



Fast forward to middle grade, and guess what we reached for?  "Aru Shah and the End of Time" by Roshani Chokshi, which was simply unputdownable (is that even a word?)  What an amazing immersion into the world of ancient Indian gods and goddesses through the eyes of an Indian-American, funny, angsty tween, Aru Shah!  


No wonder Sanjay Patel and Roshani Chokshi are perfect for Asian-American kids who've grown up with Daniel Tiger or Marvel superheroes.  These books encourage kids to embrace and celebrate their ancient Indian gods and goddesses by making them relatable.  It doesn't hurt that these books are all over bookstores:)   That's why they're our AAPI heroes!

How did they inspire us?  For instance, we take ancient Indian tales and philosophies and turn them into easy-to-understand, well-crafted stories that kids, especially Indian-American kids, find relatable.  Our books and crafts help kids make sense of their modern world.  This is what drives us - to make fun, thoughtful content that strikes a chord with 21st-century kiddos to live with purpose and goodness.  From colorful Indian festival activity books to fun crafts, we can't wait to continue bringing our spin on ancient Indian culture!


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