Our Story

Once Upon a Time... 

...in the magical land of New Jersey, a group of moms came together with a mission. We wanted to create a space where children from all backgrounds could learn about and celebrate Indian culture and Hindu philosophy. And so, Tulsie was born.

Enter Tulsie

At Tulsie, we believe that learning should be an adventure - educational but also incredibly fun. What can you expect from us?

*Engaging fiction for diverse children and young adults that retell ancient stories and make them relevant to their contemporary lives.

*Full-color activity books about Indian festivals for kindergarten - 3rd grade. Kids will love the word games, mazes, puzzles, coloring pages, and, of course, stories!

*Everyday Vedanta, or timeless wisdom such as mindfulness, self-awareness, and faith in yourself, which have roots in ancient Hindu philosophy.

Get ready to spark curiosity and foster an appreciation for Indian culture and philosophy!

Tulsie in the Classrooms

Tulsie is more than an online bookstore. It's a community of parents and teachers who are passionate about fostering cultural understanding, especially in the classrooms.  We make it easy for educators to incorporate cultural awareness and appreciation into their lessons through our carefully curated classroom kits.