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In Hinduism, Earth is a Goddess

Chandana Rao

Nature is considered sacred in Hinduism -  the entire universe is believed to be a manifestation of the divine. How can you explain the importance of nature to little ones and big kids (from an Indian philosophical perspective)?  

  • The sun, moon, rivers, trees, and animals are worshipped as different forms of gods and goddesses - there are so many stories that spotlight these nature gods and what happens when they are not taken care of by humans.
  • Hinduism teaches that all of creation, including humans, animals, and plants are made up of natural elements (like water, cells, etc.) - so all living beings are interconnected!  
  • Ancient Indian texts like the Vedas and Puranas really encourage people to protect the Earth and its environment - we need water and a balanced environment for us to live.  

What can we encourage our kids to do?

  • Pick up trash and make sure it's thrown away in bins instead of on the road, the park, or anywhere outside - we can all help keep our Earth clean!
  • Reuse your toys (or donate them when you're done playing with them!) before buying new toys.
  • Donate your books to libraries or schools that need them.
  • Help your grownup plant a little garden - whether in the ground or in a container.  Seeing plants grow helps us care for our Earth!
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