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Love is Divine

Chandana Rao

\When it comes to love, it seems that no matter which corner of the world you look at, love is a universal language that transcends time and space. In ancient India, this was especially true; love in all its forms was one of the most celebrated aspects of life.

Some ancient Indian scholars believed that with enough devotion and commitment, it was possible to turn a passionate love into the purest form of divine, unconditional love. This was a concept explored in many ancient texts such as the Rig Veda, where gods and goddesses were depicted as being united in romantic bliss.

But have you ever read romances between Hindu gods and goddesses? 

This Valentine's Day, Tulsie presents Gods and Goddesses in Love, our new collection of YA short stories available soon in an e-book near you. These divine tales are filled with daring adventure, exciting romance, and twists and turns - Now this is lasting love like you've never experienced before.  



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