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Summertime Adventures: Unleashing the Fun!

Chandana Rao

Summer—the season of endless sunshine and endless possibilities for kids to explore their world!  Let's dive into four fun-filled summer activities that will keep the kids busy and maybe learn a thing or two!

Summertime Holi fun: With epic water fights drenched in color, who said that Holi, the festival of spring, can't be celebrated in summer? When the summer heat becomes too intense, break out the water balloons, water blasters, and Holi color (you can get them at Tulsie online here).  Let the epic fun begin.   Not ready to get wet but still all in with color? Check out our Holi Activity Book here!

holi color water balloons

Backyard Camping: Love camping but not ready to battle traffic? Set up a tent in the backyard!  Get cozy with sleeping bags and roasting S'mores over a crackling fire (practice fire safety y'all!).  And what's a campfire without stories? Exciting tales of fearless Hanuman, epic battles between Durga and evil rakshasa demons, and young Krishna fighting a giant snake - a perfect summer tradition is born. 

Explore Nature:  Hforestead out on a nature scavenger hunt. Create a list of items to find in the great outdoors, such as native flowers, interesting rocks, or woodland creatures (squirrels count!). Kids can explore their local parks or even their own backyard. Besides fun, they'll develop observation skills, and foster a deeper connection with nature.  

 Masterpieces in the Making: Unleash their inner artists! Encourage them to paint or draw nature. Use markers or even sidewalk chalk with Tulsie's rangoli stencils (you can buy them here) to create gorgeous art.  Best of all - they're busy for hours!

From thrilling water wars to creative art sessions, nature explorations to backyard camping, summer just got cooler!  

kids in sunshine
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