About Us

Tulsie was started by two moms who grew up celebrating Hindu festivals - full of food, games, new clothes, and of course, fun! When we had kids of our own - work, school, and soccer games left little time to celebrate these festivals of our childhood. And, with a wonderfully diverse group of relatives and friends, we wanted our celebration of Hindu festivals to reflect our diverse community and contemporary life.  

Hindus have many different festivals throughout the year.  At Tulsie, we focus on four major Hindu festivals each year.  This year, we chose Ganesha Chaturthi, Navrathri/Dusshera, Diwali, and Holi.  And with our curated Festival Boxes, we make celebrating these festivals easy. Each Festival Box focuses on an important theme and features fun arts and crafts that families can do together.

The mesmerizing stories behind each festival get special attention: ancient myths full of adventure, and gods who teach us about right and wrong, are retold to connect with our contemporary lives in a meaningful way.  The stories can be found on our blog, Story Time, and our Festival Minibooks, which come with each Festival Box, or sold separately!

Explore Hindu culture through its incredible stories and experience the festivals through our engaging Festival Boxes that your whole family can enjoy. Whether you want to reconnect with your childhood, find new meanings in ancient festivals, or create memories with family, friends, and neighbors, let Tulsie be your guide!


We are so lucky to having amazing people as our advisors and partners - their advice on content, products, and strategy is invaluable for Tulsie!  

Blythe Robbins - not only is she extremely talented as a writer and as an editor, but Blythe uses her background in education and publishing (where she worked many years as an editor at prestigious publishing houses) to advise Tulsie on content.  A graduate of Stanford and U.C. Berkeley, her love of children's education keeps us focused on delivering quality products and content to engage children.

Mrudula Govindaraju - a published author of a thrilling, historical fantasy set in medieval Andhra Pradesh, India,The Sword with the Ruby Hilt has achieved cult following.  Mrudula previously worked as an editor at a renowned publishing house in India and currently works as an editor of the Madras Dyslexia Association's newsletter.  She is currently working on a sequel to The Sword with the Ruby Hilt.  Explore her work and get to know Mrudula at www.mrudulagovindaraju.com.

Our original artwork found in our Festival Minibooks is by the talented artist, M Rohini.  Her works of art can be found on www.rohinimanicharcoal.com.

The beautiful rangoli designs found on the Tulsie website and in our Festival Minibooks are by the young artist, Trinayana.  Her art can be found on Instagram (@Trinayana.G).