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Rangoli Diwali Classroom Kit - 10 Crafts per Kit

Rangoli Diwali Classroom Kit - 10 Crafts per Kit

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 Volunteered to talk about Diwali at school? With the Rangoli Diwali Classroom Kit, you're can share the fun and leave the classroom a Diwali rockstar.  


Each Rangoli Diwali Classroom Kit contains 10 large 11" x 11" sturdy plastic stencils and 5 marker sets (each marker set has 8 markers), 10 pieces of construction paper, and one Diwali Classroom Guide with two Diwali stories, and suggestions for teaching Diwali using the craft and stories. 

For classroom sizes between 10-20, or 20-30, you can purchase the appropriate number of kits and individual crafts over the kit amount for $3.79 each.


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